I work with...


A screengrab of the Confused.com website

I worked with Confused.com for 10 years, and was responsible for all online copy, such as the forms, help texts, homepage copy and so on. I also owned the online tone of voice, and created the company's style guide.


A screengrab from the Admiral website

I've been writing travel and household articles for Admiral's magazine section. For some flowery descriptions, check out my guide to Japan.

All Trousers

A screengrab from the All Trousers website

I also write and edit articles and blogs for a range of All Trousers' clients - such as online accountancy Mazuma, and Number Eighteen bridal.

Proper Design

A screengrab from the Proper Design website

I've been helping Proper Design with applications for funding - both for their own business propositions, and those of their clients.


A Veygo graphic of some short-term car users.

I've just been commissioned by Veygo to get stuck into their content. They do short-term and learner driver insurance, and are jolly good eggs.



Get in touch to see how I may be able to help your business. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship. 

A few projects & examples

Carless Cities

A screengrab from the Carless Cities report

An immersive, media-rich feature about the future of mobility in urban areas. It was nominated for an award! (It didn't win.)

BRIAN the Robot

BRIAN the Robot in an advert

While BRIAN was the Confused.com mascot, I was responsible for his social media accounts. So yes, if you spoke to BRIAN on Facebook or Twitter, you were most likely talking to me.  


BRIAN the Robot hanging from a magnet

Main creative contributor to the online #HelpBRIAN campaign, in support of an ad campaign. Although I did have to work on Christmas day, placating angry parents whose children were weeping at BRIAN’s plight.

Suzie Larke photography

A woman clutching sand as it falls from her head

I helped Suzie with a funding application for her upcoming project, Unseen - where collaborators' views of their own mental health are depicted as art.

Best staycation destinations UK


A recent travel (well, domestic travel) article I wrote for Admiral. Four lovely holiday spots UK-wide to whet your appetite.

Dealing with tailgaters

An angry bloke in a car

This is my best-shared bit of work, I think. Over half a million people have read it. Also look at that bloke's face! Stock photography at its best.