Privacy, GDPR and all that stuff

Oh hey... I wasn't expecting to see you here.

You've stumbled on the compliance and regs page. Very few people enjoy reading pages of legalese, so let's keep this brief.

  • I might send emails from time to time. I'm not a big enough operation to have a newsletter or anything like that. But rest assured, what little I send you will only be what's required and relevant.
  • I'm not collecting much data, but what little I do will be necessary and 100% secure.
  • I won't ever pass on your data to third parties.
  • Your data is held securely. And you can ask to see the data I hold about you, to update it or delete it at any time. Just email me at
  • Being a portfolio site, there's gonna be external links. They should all be kosher, but obviously exercise sensible caution when following links. I can’t be liable for any damages or implications caused by you visiting any external links.
  • Cookies are used on this site, like basically all websites. These are used to measure traffic to the site, visits to different pages, and to tell the difference between first timers and those wanting to hang out here again and again. Nothing too sinister.

Um... I think that's it. Peace out, compliance and regs fans!